Literature Online: Bible in English

Nichael Cramer nichael at
Wed Jan 6 12:16:21 EST 1999

Mark Goodacre wrote:

> I thought b-greekers might be interested in an outstanding resource that was new to me -- 
> Literature Online: Bible in English.  It provides access to the the full text of twenty 
> different versions of the the English Bible from 970 to 1970. The search facility is 
> powerful and fast. This is part of a huge database of Literature Online at 
>  Strongly recommended.  To go straight to the Bible in 
> English section, use the following URL:

Unfortunately, one needs to be "subscribed" to access the inner pages.

[However, since subscription appears to be on a "by-site" basis, many
folks here who are netting-in from academic institutions may already be
subscribed without knowing it.]


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