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On Tuesday 5 January 1999 at 9:12AM, Jim West opined, regarding ancient
witnesses to the GNT: 

<<>and John frag at 110)?


I'd heard a date of somewhere in the late 120's or early 130's (one of
Raymond E. Brown's articles in The New Jerome Biblical Commentary; either
"Texts and Versions" or "Canonicity") for (was it?) P52, but I hadn't heard
of an earlier witness, or an earlier date, either for that scrap of
parchment or another.  What are the arguments for a date earlier than
Brown's postulation?  

	-Chuck Stevens
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>Here is a follow-up to my last question.
>How well accepted is it that we have Greek Gospel fragments from pre-100
>CE (O'Callaghan's Mark fragment @60,


> Thiede's Matthew frag at 60,


< Luke frag at 90,


> and John frag at 110)?


>On the flip side, what are the earliest Aramaic fragments, and the
>strength of evidence for an early dating of those frags?

They aint none.

>Jeramy Townsley



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