aramaic New Testament

Nichael Cramer nichael at
Wed Jan 6 11:50:14 EST 1999

Nichael Cramer wrote:

> jtownsle at wrote:
> > How well accepted is it that we have Greek Gospel fragments from pre-100
> > CE (O'Callaghan's Mark fragment @60, Thiede's Matthew frag at 60, Luke
> > frag at 90, and John frag at 110)?
> Jeramy
> To answer your question quickly:  These datings are accepted by virtually
> no textual scholars outside of a very small handful; i.e. O'Callaghan,
> Thiede and (maybe) a couple of others.

As is all to often the case, I was typing faster than I was thinking.

My comment above, needless to say, does not apply to the final item (which
I lumped, without thinking, with the other items). The dating of the John
Fragment (p53) to the early 2nd Cent is, of course, absolutely standard.


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