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Wed Jan 6 11:38:15 EST 1999

Here's another quick follow-up question.  Does anybody know if Lamsa's
Aramaic Hypothesis is related at all to Funk's Jesus Seminar?  For
example, did Funk get his impetus from Lamsa?  Just asking.

BTW--I presented several arguments supporting that Greek was the original
language of the written NT, and this clergyman got all snippy, talking
about not casting peals before swine, I should stop being so
ignroant, blah, blah, blah.  He accused me
of following the agenda of a few small-minded academics rather than
looking at the truth of the Aramaic record.  Of course he has yet to
provide any evidence for an early Aramaic text or counter any of the
standard Greek arguments.  Instead of discussing it rationally, he
simply shut the conversation down.  That in itself gives me a big clue to
the validity of the hypothesis, if he is representative of Lamsa's

Jeramy Townsley
Indiana University

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