AGAIN! (Re: Another question re. 2 Tim 1.12)

Perry L. Stepp plstepp at
Wed Jan 6 08:29:31 EST 1999

Perry L. Stepp wrote:
>>What is the syntactical function of the infinitive FULAXAI in 2 Tim 1.12?
>>I'm translating it as the complement to the copula--"he is able (DUNATOS
>>ESTIN) to keep . . ."  Is that (complementary infinitive) the proper
>>terminology for what I'm seeing?

Carl W. Conrad replied:
>YES, that's the term; surely DUNATOS ESTIN is equivalent to DUNATAI.

A further question: Brooks and Winbery *seem* to refer to this type of
infinitive as an infinitive of direct object.  Am I correct in my reading of
B&W?  In practical (if not metaphysical [grin] ) terms, are "complementary
infinitive" and "infinitive of direct object" often interchangeable


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