Differences between published copies of the Greek New Testament

Trevor Jenkins Trevor.Jenkins at suneidesis.com
Tue Jan 5 16:27:43 EST 1999

I am currently using a copy of the Second Edition of the Greek New
Testament published by the British and Foreign Bible Society in 1958
(specifically the reprint of 1979). I've looked at the United Bible
Society's version (designated 4th revised edition) and apart from the
obivous things like fonts and layout I wonder what other differences there
are in the text and in the apparatus. (I also have Online Bible for the Mac
with the 1991 Byzantine Majority text and the 1881 Westcott-Hort and
Nestle's 27th text. Though for most purposes I find a printed edition

Can some one more knowledgable than me comment upon the differences and, if
appropriate, the advantages of the UBS edition?

Regards, Trevor


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