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>Hey all:
>I know we recently discussed this, but it just came up on another listserv
>of mine.  There are two clergy on this list that talk as if they are
>"assuming" that the NT was first written in Aramaic not Greek, and they
>cite a couple of sources.  Does anybody have some info on the absurdity of
>this hypothesis. 

Point them to Moulton's Prolegomena (Vol 1- "Grammar of the Greek New
Testament"), "Hebraism" in the index and the citation of pages there.  Also
point thm to the index listing "over use" !  There simply is no way that the
Greek text is a translation of some underlying Aramaic text.  No way!

> Or am I just being an academic snob going along with the
>"tradition" of a Greek as the original langauge of our texts.  It is what
>currently has the most evidence right--that the NT was originally written
>in Greek?

On a purely empirical level- ask them to produce any Aramaic text of any
portion of the NT which predates the oldest papyri.  On a purely textual
basis there simply is no evidence that the NT was composed in Aramaic.

< I include his most recent response below.  Is there any
>"respected" scholar who actualy believes that Aramaic was the original
>written text?


>Jeramy Townsley
>Indiana University




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