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Hey all:

I know we recently discussed this, but it just came up on another listserv
of mine.  There are two clergy on this list that talk as if they are
"assuming" that the NT was first written in Aramaic not Greek, and they
cite a couple of sources.  Does anybody have some info on the absurdity of
this hypothesis.  Or am I just being an academic snob going along with the
"tradition" of a Greek as the original langauge of our texts.  It is what
currently has the most evidence right--that the NT was originally written
in Greek? I include his most recent response below.  Is there any
"respected" scholar who actualy believes that Aramaic was the original
written text?

Jeramy Townsley
Indiana University

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Date: Tue, 5 Jan 1999 13:47:21 EST
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Hi Jeramy, 
Actually the Gospels were first written in Aramaic and then Hebrew and then
Greek.  Mistranslations occurred.  I suggest a study of George Lamsa's books
an authority on Aramaic, also the Aramaic bible society, the Khaboris
Manuscript, etc.Also the Noohra Foundation in Texas that preserves the Aramaic
teachings.  I hope I have been of some help.  I am not trying to be a snob. It
was liberating when I discovered Aramaic.  Some roman catholic priests have
been excommunicated for attempting to restore the Aramaic teaching of Christ.
PS:  it is all academic actually and has very little to do with fulfilling the
Great Commission, kind of like how many angels can dance on a top of a pin?

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