Mark 3:33,35 5:42 abnormalities?

Greg Kilbrai gkilbrai at
Mon Jan 4 22:44:49 EST 1999

Tim Duke wrote:


> I have noticed some places in my Nestles (4th Rev Ed) where italicised

> brakcets enclose a word or phrase, but absolutely no mention is made of

> it in the apparatus below. Two that I have chosen at random are Mark

> 3:33,35 and 5:42.

> When I look at the intro, it says these refer to "an abnormality

> reproduced exactly from the original".  Does this mean that there is an

> error in the greek which has persisted in every single ancient

> manuscript?  If so, what is the error in these three cases?  I can't see

> it.  Where have I gone wrong?

> These seem to be quite frequent in Mark (more so than other books).  Any

> reason?


> Tim Duke

> Sydney



I believe the answer is on page 2* of UBS version 4 introduction where

it states that such passages have a C-rating and if the variant is of

minor grammatical significance with no appreciable bearing on the

translation, no note of it is taken in the apparatus.

I think you are looking at page 19* which discusses [sic] "an
abnormality reproduced exactly from the original" which is different
from your examples.

Greg Kilbrai

Canadian Theological Seminary

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