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>Greekers,  Denny Diehl here
>Thanks to all for the helpful comments on Mt 9:13 in
>regard to the quotation of Hos 6:6 (7).  I would like to
>note what Jesus stated:
>I believe this is a comparison of two choices, one 
>choice desired above the other (rather than one is
>correct, the other is absolutely wrong).  Is there a 
>definitive way grammatically that shows this to be
>the case, or is it just a matter of interpretation?
>Thanks again for all the help.

Denny-  I heartily recommend Bill Loader's book- "Jesus' Attitude Towards
the Law".  Bill therein discusses every possible NT ref. to Jesus and the
law, as well as extra-biblical materials.  On page 192f Bill covers Mt 9:9-13.

Regarding grammar- your interpretation is as likely as any- and in fact it
is my own view as well.



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