Rom 12:2 part 2 - PARAKALW + Infinitive KAI Imperatives

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Mon Jan 4 10:37:12 EST 1999

At 10:12 AM +0100 1/4/99, Jürg Buchegger wrote:
>This is my second question on Rom 12:2:
>2. What about the unusual continuing of the PARAKALW+Infinitive phrase (in
>V.1) with the Imperatives in V.2? - Is it correct to say, that one would
>expect Infinitves in V.2? What would you call this anomaly? A "oratio
>variata" (Winer p.509f)?

I think I've already commented on this in my message on the KAI. I'm not
sure exactly what the phrase "oratio variata" is intended to mean, but I
think there's really something more than an "in-other-words" reformulation
of the PARAKALW PARASTHSAI construction, even if it IS a reformulation: to
use the phrase of one of the deconstructionists, it is a "repetition with
significant addition."

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