Rom 12:2 part 3 - METASXHMATIZW medium or passiveImpv

Jürg Buchegger j.buchegger at
Mon Jan 4 04:13:03 EST 1999

This is my third question on Rom 12:2:
3. V.2 has two imperative passive verbs (formally they could be medium too,
and NEV, NIV, NJB take the first as such). - In my opinion, the second verb
is unquestionably a passive. Are there hints on the formal level of language
to decide medium/passive? - And: What does an Imperative passive want to
say, means how much can I make a point on the theological level out of the
fact that here we have an imperative and at the same time this is a passive?
Anyone have a hint to a good treatment of this form of a verb (imp pass)?

Juerg Buchegger

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