"Make fences" for us the parable... - FRAD

wross wross at farmerstel.com
Mon Jan 4 00:50:13 EST 1999

FRASIS, in Greek, normally carries the meaning of "speech/ expression/
style/ way of speaking ", and the 'big' L.S.& J has only one citation (from
the school of Aristophenes) for the meaning "expression, idiom, phrase"

Not wanting to be a pest, but this is the way my mind works...
How might we be inclined to read what Peter asked Jesus to do? What
subleties do you see in the word? Apparently the disciples had earlier asked
that Jesus "Make clear" the parable. What was Peter after? Perhaps he was
asking, "Could you [re-]phrase the parable?"

Normally a root has a more concrete foundation than anything as abstract as
"idiom" but maybe that has been lost.

Thanks again for all of the feedback.

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