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>What is FRAD? Does it have any element of parsing that would explain how it
>came to be the basis for the word "phrase"?

 You must understand that FRAD is a root -- and that a root "contains the
mere idea of a word in the vaguest and most abstract  form possible" (as
one of the standard Greek grammars,Smyth, puts it )
So, there is no question of "parsing".

Actually, the English word "phrase" came into the language directly from
the Latin "phrasis  -- is, f". meaning "style: an expression, phrase"

FRASIS, in Greek, normally carries the meaning of "speech/ expression/
style/ way of speaking ", and the 'big' L.S.& J has only one citation (
from the school of Aristophenes) for the meaning "expression, idiom, phrase"

On the formation of nouns from verbs, etc consult any of the standard
classical Greek grammars.



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