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<<BAGD cites Hb. 11:24 for 'refuse' as a meaning of ARNEOMAI, and the NRSV

translates this verse as:

" By faith Moses, when he was grown up, refused to be called a son of

Pharaoh's daughter" 

Is this the sense of 'refuse' you mean, I wonder?

If it is, then you will be interested in the BAGD  entry: for section (1)

refuse, disdain (Hes., Works 408; Appian, Syr. 5 §19; Artem. 1, 78 p. 72,

26; 5, 9; Diog. L. 2, 115; 6, 36; Jos., Ant. 4, 86; 5, 236, Vi. 222) w.

inf. foll. (Hdt. 6, 13; Wsd 12:27; 17:9) 

The Wis. 12:27 citation, ;RSV= whom they had before refused to know.] in


And the Josephus Ant. 4,86 usage looks to be a straightforward use in your


"But Sihon refused his offer, and put his army into battle array,"

BTW, I see that Lampe notes a usage --- really an extensionof the main

patristic usage of 'deny, disown, repudiate' -- in the absolute, which

means "to apostatize" and adds:

" note in this connexion the sum of the numerals ARNOUME = 666"

I can see _that_ being of great interest to some groups as we approach the

millenium <vbg>

Hope this helps.



Yes, this is what I was looking for. Thanks.

Charles Powell

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