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I've been deeply fascinated by Astronomy for the past year and learned a
great deal. I was reading "Astronomy Made Simple" by Meir Degani (Doubleday
books) and read this:

"Of the eight clearly visible stars in Bootes, alpha-Bootes, commonly known
as Arcturus, is of particular interest. A bright reddish star, it is one of
the few stars mentioned in the Bible. In 1933 the light coming from
Arcturus - focused on a photoelectric cell - was used to open the Chicago
World's Fair. At the time it was thought that Arcturus was 40 light years
from the earth, and hence a ray of light would have been on the road since
1893, the year of the previous World's Fair in Chicago. More recent
computations indicate that Arcturus is only 38 light years away. Arcturus is
the fourth brightest star visible in middle latitudes (app. mag. .2)  and is
the sixth brightest start seen anywhere in the sky. It is also one of the
fastest moving of the bright stars. Its speed is estimated to exceed 80
miles a second. Because of its distance, it will take Arcturus more than
eight hundred years to move half a degree on an arc across the sky. Eight
hundred years from now Arcturus will be closer to the constellation Virgo by
half a degree, a distance equal to the apparent diameter of moon."

Soooo, I looked it up in my helps and found Job 9:9 and Job 38:2, which
refer to AYISH - which comes from the root which means "the hurrying one". I
thought that indicated a profound knowledge of the locations and movements
of the stars - from what is believed to be the oldest book of the Bible.

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