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>Does anyone know of any references, biblical or extra-biblical where ARNEOMAI
>or its cognates means "deny" in the sense of "refuse"? Is this sense possible
>in 2 Tim 2:12?
>Charles Powell

Here's L&N on the question:

88.231 ARNEOMAI : to behave in a way which is untrue to one's real self, in
a sense of denying certain valid aspects of one's personality - 'to be
false to oneself, to be untrue to oneself.' EKEINOS PISTOS MENEI,
ARNHSASQAI GAR hEAUTON OU DUNATAI  'he remains faithful, for he cannot be
false to himself' 2Tm 2:13. It is possible in some languages to translate
'he cannot be false to himself' in 2Tm 2:13 as 'he cannot be different from
what he really is' or 'he cannot be otherwise than good.'

I haven't checked extra-Biblical references, as yet. Certainly the sense
here really seems to be "say no" to a proposition, classical Attic OU FHMI
with an understood EINAI.

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