Septuagint Versions

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Sat Jan 2 10:12:54 EST 1999

Maurice,  Denny Diehl here

You mentioned that to comment on various versions of the
Septuagint would be a huge undertaking, which, indeed, is
correct.  However, I was looking for something a little less
tasking.  I happened to find the following (which is simplistic
in itself) but helps to serve in understanding the situation in
Jerome's time.  I post it just in case someone might also be

Jerome makes mention of three different versions of the 
Septuagint in Preface To Chronicles:

	"Alexandria and Egypt in their Septuagint acclaim
	Hesychius as their authority, the region from
	Constantinople to Antioch approves the copies of
	Lucian the martyr, the intermediate Palestinian
	provinces read the MSS which were promulgated
	by Eusebius and Pamphilius on the basis of Origen's
	labors, and the whole world is divided among these
	three varieties of texts."

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