"Make fences" for us the parable...

Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
Sat Jan 2 09:36:20 EST 1999

At 19:48 01/01/99 -0600, you wrote:
> The origin of FRAZW is
>presumed to be FRASSW - to fence, or enclose. FRASSW, in turn, probably
>comes from FRAW - to rein in, or curb. 

This is _very bad_ etymology

If you check with even the 'middle' edition of LIddell and Scott, you will
find that the root of:
FRASSW is FRAG (hence the future, and derived tenses will have G + S -> C [
see below ] )

but the root of FRAZW   is  FRAD , with the future= FRASW

You also say:
>The 13:36 reference is disputed ext (some have DIASAFHSON -)

Could I point out that BOTH the UBS3 and the N/A 27 have the DIA......
reading, as the text; UBS3 dispenses with any variant, whereas N/E 27 lists
Even more importantly, the variant is spelt with ONE sigma which is the
1st. aorist of FRAZW 
The aorist of FRASSW is EFRACA ( where C = letter ksi )

So, no matter which reading  is  taken, to find " to fence" is  just bad

Maurice A. O'Sullivan 
[Bray, Ireland]

"Apply yourself wholly to the text; apply the text wholly to yourself." 
- Johann Albrecht Bengel

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