"Make fences" for us the parable...

wross wross at farmerstel.com
Fri Jan 1 21:21:30 EST 1999

My query resulted from the fact that Avot 1.1 reads:  "...they said three
things:  be deliberate in judgment, raise many disciples, and make a hege
about the Torah." [transl from Judah Goldin's _The Living Talmud_].  Avot is
one of the few tractates of which we are relatively certain that its mishnah
was around in the first century.  Hence, if your rationale holds true, I
wonder how likely it is that Jesus may have been playing on this passage
from Avot.  I may post this idea to IOUDAIOS for further feedback.

Please note that it was the disciples who used the word in Matthew 13:36,
and specifically Peter in Matthew 15:15. The 13:36 reference is disputed
text (some have DIASAFHSON - which comes from "throughly clear" (which I was
originally confusing it with - hence the mix-up in first post). The Matthew
15:15 usage is not disputed at all.

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