Verses which need to be read in the Grk

Ed Gorham aekalm at
Fri Jan 1 09:49:20 EST 1999

This has been a very helpful thread for me personally, as I am about to 
start teaching basic Greek myself.
In order to keep it helpful, may I suggest that we cease the debate on 
whether or not every verse of the NT fits into this framework (I think we'd 
all agree on that), and stick w/ the "original intent of the author" 
(forgive me)?  Nothing incites a student to learn more than a few powerful, 
pointed and well-chosen examples, and that's what Jason seems to be after.  
We all know how much our studies bear on understanding the entire NT, so 
let's just try to help the man with his question. Several outstanding 
examples have been cited - including John 11:35.

Happy New year to one and all.


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