Pronouns in John 1:1 and 1 John 1:1-4

Will Wagers hyle at
Thu Dec 23 00:04:45 EST 1999

Ken Johnson writes:

>We do want to keep in mind that John's Logos is not very Greek. His idea of
>the Logos is not a God who is detached, but one who is very involved with us
>and where we are, otherwise he would not have taken on humanity and dwelt
>with us.

Logos is a concept from Greek philosophy, not mythology. The Greek Logos
is not "detached":  it is the very stuff of life; in fact, it *is* 
life, the intersection
of Form and Matter. As such, it enforms not only us but all living (read
animated) things, including "gods". The only non-Greek thing in the Prologue
is the notion that Logos takes the form of an individual man,  when it
is already necessarily present in all creation, being, in fact, Creation. This
is the background of Jn 1:1.

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