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The first folio editon of the AV had "he went into the city" in Ruth 3:15.
the second printing of that same year had "she went into the city"

{British and Foreign Bible Society.  Library.
Historical catalogue of the printed editions of Holy Scripture 
in the library of the British and Foreign Bible Society /  compiled by T.H. 
Darlow and H.F. Moule.  London : ßb Bible House,1903-1911}
According to the _Historical Catalogue of Printed Editions of the Holy
Bible_ page 136: 

The intricate typographical problems connected with the early editions of
the King James Version are discussed at lenth in the following:...[I have
given these below.]

" It is recognized that from 1611 to 1614 there were two distinct series of
editions in various sizes which differ throughout in many minor points of
typography and are generally and are generally distinguished  by names 'He'
Bibles and 'She' Bibles from their respective reading in Ruth 3:15 . . . .
The suggested explanation of this dualism is that the printing was at first
carried on in two separate offices in order to facilitate rapid production
and that two standard copies were use, one of which had recieved a certain
amount of addional correction from the press editors. Bibliographers
generally agree tha the folios 'He Bible' of 1611 is the first impression of
the version. Scrivener argues keenly for the priority in printing (though
not in necessarily in publication) of the folio 'She' Bible of 1613,1611,
but Smith shows that inferences drawn from apparent corrections or
corruptions of the text are to too precarious to be conclusive. He makes a
minute comparison of the varieties in the sizes of the ornamental initials
and in the spaces between the chapters through out the first half of the
volumeand proves by this method that the 'He' Bible was undoubtabley the
earlier of the two."

You may want to consult the following sources:

Fry, Francis,  1803-1886
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of Cranmer's Bible, 1540 and 1541, printed by Grafton and Whitchurch: also of 
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Scriptures, printed in the years 1611, 1613, 1617, 1634, 1640. ßc By Francis
Fry, F. S. A.  Illustrated with titles, and with passages from the editions,
the genealogies, 
and the maps, copied in facsimile; also with an identification of every leaf
of the first seven, and of many leaves of the other editions; on fifity-one 
plates.  Together with an original leaf of each of the editions
described.London, Willis and Sotheran; [etc., etc. 1865

John Rylands Library.
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 Smith, Walter E. 
A study of the great "she" Bible, 1613 or 1611 / by Walter E. Smith. 
London :  E. Stock, 1890

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