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Clay sent me this response answering one of my questions about
Swanson, but I don't see it on the digest today. Since it corrects
some potential misinformation, I thought it would be good to get it on
the list. I had my doubts the name I was looking for was Swanson, but
I couldn't recall Comfort.

Nobody has given the name for the little dots yet. Do they have one?

Randy Leedy

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> Was it Swanson who came in for such scathing criticism
> (seemingly warranted to a significant degree, at least) on the TC
> for his work on the papyri, or was that some other name?


It was not Swanson,  but Comfort's book "Earliest Manuscripts . .
which got hit hard. Baker has pulled the book which in practical
means that it will not see a second printing.


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