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Wed Dec 1 00:35:24 EST 1999

Dear B-Greekers,
I am Brian Greene, an junior in my undergrad studies at Valley Forge Christian College in PA, I am new at this so feel free to correct any of my mishaps. In the on going discussion concerning a 1st year Greek Text by Mr. Gibbs I would like to suggest the text that I learned Greek under my Freshman year as an Undergrad and had no problem picking up the basics with: "Greek to me" by Story, it has some silly pictures that can be helpful to some and comes with a set of notecards, these can be annoying (especially at the Seminary level I'm sure) but nonetheless helpful to some. 
For the 200 level courses, my suggestion for Syntax would be Brooks and Winbery's "Syntax of NT Greek." 

Brian C. Greene

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