Fonts in software review

Randy Leedy rleedy at
Fri Aug 13 09:07:22 EDT 1999

A couple of days ago I offered a review comparing BibleWorks, Logos,
and GRAMCORD. I thought I had embedded the Greek and Hebrew fonts in
the Word 6.0 version of the review, but it appears that those fonts,
produced by Linguist's Software, do not allow themselves to be

Linguist's has generously offered to let me use at no cost a version
of their fonts that will permit embedding, but the terms are rather
restrictive, and I have not yet decided whether to go that route. I
have seen some "freebie" Greek fonts that I don't like as well as I
like theirs.

Anyway, the purpose of this message is to acknowledge that the Word 6
version of my review will NOT display the Greek and Hebrew properly
unless the user's system includes the fonts Graeca and Hebraica. If
the user has related fonts from Linguist's software but not these
particular ones, he can try replacing my fonts with his, and he will
probably get an acceptable display.

Sorry to trouble the list with this message; from now on this
information will be included in the message that accompanies the file
as I send it out.

Randy Leedy

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