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This has been very interesting--more frequently you hear of Nicander and
Mimnermus as the two poets from Colophon.

For Jonathan's second citation, that's Hippolytus (3d century), Refutation
of All Heresies--I can't offer to search it here at home, I'm afraid.  One
way to identify abbreviations like "Hippol." is from the (lengthy) list in
the front of LSJ.  And when you've identified your work, the easiest place
to start is usually with the Loeb series; it's in most college libraries,
with Greek and English on facing pages--that's where I typically begin for
a Greek Anthology question.  From there you can go to a commentary if you
still have questions.  But I'm pretty sure Hippolytus isn't in the Loeb
series; in the Migne Patrologia, certainly, but that's much less easy to use.

On PRWTOTOKOS, as I remember Raymond Brown's _Birth of the Messiah_ has a
very thorough survey, citing even epigraphical material.


At 07:27 PM 4/3/99 -0500, Jonathan Robie wrote:
>At 05:04 PM 4/3/99 -0800, Bill W. Rodgers wrote:
>>Jonathan:  AP 9.213 refers to the Anthologia Palatina (which is a  part
>>of the Greek Anthology).  Specifically it refers to Epigram 213 of Book
>>9. The "opp." means opposed to or contrasted with Nicander, a 2nd
>>Century writer on medical topics.  My rough translation of Epigram 213:
>>"And Colophon, the city seen from afar, produced two sons excellent in
>>wisdom.  The PRWTOTOKOS was Homer and later came Nicander.  Both were
>>loved by the Muses in the heavens."  
>>If you follow the comment about metaphorical use in LSJ then perhaps
>>first in rank was intended here.  Certainly Nicander was no match for
>>Homer.  But first-born in time would also work!
>Thanks, Bill, that's extremely helpful. Did you get that off of TLG, or
>where did you find it? I'm afraid I have no idea how to chase things like
>this down!
>One more obscure references that uses PRWTOTOKOS: the Naassene psalm in
>Hyppol., Elench. 5, 10, 1. Anyone have any idea how to find that?
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