Jesus Words: Aramaic or Greek?

Jack Kilmon jkilmon at
Fri Sep 4 09:23:02 EDT 1998

I think a good starter would be "Idioms of the Bible Explained" by 
George Lamsa.  "The Semitic Background of the New Testament" by Joseph 
Fitzmyer is very good.  Also works by Joachim Jeremias.."The Parables
of Jesus" for one.  A search of these authors at will produce
other works.


Theodore H. Mann wrote:
> On Thu, 03 Sep 1998 15:52:44 -0700 Jack Kilmon <jkilmon at>
> writes:
> >There are many cases where enigmatic Greek sayings suddenly make sense
> in Aramaic.
> Is a book available that lists and explains these cases?
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