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Jenee Woodard jeneewd at dmci.net
Fri Oct 30 14:14:41 EST 1998

I just finished indexing links to some of the major discussions of
specific NT texts from B-Greek (from the archives at sunsite) into the
online RCL text-resources at The Text This Week:


This should be quite helpful for some of you all who are using b-greek
to help prepare for lectionary study or preaching, and at least
interesting for others of you. (You can use the scripture index to
find specific texts that interest you. I didn't include every
conversation [and, of course, the lectionary doesn't include every
scriptural pericope!], but I think I've included many the major
disucssions that are in the archive and threaded at this point. Please
let me know if you find any gaping omissions.)

I'm also in the process of indexing links to the (on-line versions of)
scripture references of the church fathers into the resource pages for
each of the lectionary pericopes. There are some difficulties with all
of that (esp the fact that the on-line editions of the church fathers
leave a lot to be desired), but the results of this work can be useful
and interesting as well.

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