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TonyProst at aol.com wrote:
>It just occurred to me to ask: is John's use of the word Logos to describe
>Christ as God, his own invention? Is there any previous pagan, or septuagint,
>usage of logos as god? 

The use of LOGOS in Greek philisophical thought predates John by a long time.

Moreover, the complexity of ideas and concepts embedded in the term is
enormous --not even hinted at by the standard English translation of
"Word"-- and arguably encompasses the notion of "God" as well as much else.  

A good place to get a notion of this complexity (as well as a handle on the
semantic range of the term) is one of the standard Greek lexicons.  Start,
for example, with the Liddle-Scott lexicon in which the entry for LOGOS
fills over two and half dense pages.


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