LOGOS in John and SOPHIA in Proverbs

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Tue Oct 27 20:48:40 EST 1998

Dear Friends
First I'm a new at that maing list. It may be reasonableto present
I'm not a scholar in Biblical scriptures but only a lover of God's
I'm an Egyptian Cardiologist, living in Egypt as well, Being of
(noname)is just due to security purposes because I share in many Human
rights activities to protest against religious persecution of Copts
(Christians of Egypt).
My native language is Arabic as all Christians in the Arab world, but
I studied in addition to English (Being a Physician) the Coptic
language which is too much identical in its alphabet and
pronounciation to the Greek. This made studying the New Testament
Greek unsupported very easy for me. Being in personal love relation
with the Bible, I studied the Greek for better knowledge of the Bible.
This is a brief introduction
Second: I want to discuss with you the points of similarities between
(LOGOS) in John 1 and SOPHIA in Proverbs 8 and 9. I have studied many
and many similarities to the extent that I'm convinced that (Sophia)of
the Proverbs is a prophecy fullfilled in (Logos)of John.
If you need the study, I can post it to whom it may concern.

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