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<< It just occurred to me to ask: is John's use of the word Logos to describe
 Christ as God, his own invention? Is there any previous pagan, or septuagint,
 usage of logos as god? 
 Tony Prost >>

Dear Tony:

The word LOGOS does not "describe Christ as God." LOGOS is used of the person
who came to be known as "Christ" or "Jesus Christ," and so it might be better
to ask, Did John invent the term LOGOS when used in reference to the one who
was with God in the beginning? Or, did he borrow it from some other source?

It is clear when you consider the use of this term in Greek literature,
particularly that of Philo, that John did not invent the term. Now, whether he
attatches a new meaning to the term is another question, and difficult to
answer without getting into a theological discussion. 

Greg Stafford

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