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If you don't own :  New Testament Greek Syntax by Wesley Perscherbacker, which
is a rather spare outline of syntax with lots of examples, now is the time to
pick it up at remainder prices (about $10). Powels City of Books has 5 copies
as of this morning. I picked up my copy at Half Price Books, so you dudes in
Texas might check out that source.

Powells on the Internet:

I have looked at this syntax several times and had my local library buy a few
copies. I don't use it all the time but the outline format and the spare
verbiage makes it a quick reference for finding examples from the NT of
specific syntactical constructions. The approach of this grammar is classic
traditional, just what I am always complaining about but it is a handy adjunct
volume to add to your other grammars. I can never pass up a greek grammar for
under $10. I know this is a vice but I have been through the twelve steps and
I still cannot quit buying Greek reference works. 

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