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Sat Oct 24 23:32:39 EDT 1998

I have glued Stylus's Greek NT Insert into my last two GNT's and find
that it's an extremely helpful guide for persons like myself who have
only had 2 years of Greek (students can even find it useful in their
first year). Until it's printed on India-thin paper (hint-hint!), it
will stretch your binding slightly. Despite the noted (by members of
this list) deficiencies of the UBS dictionary, pasting the GNT Insert
inside a UBS4 with English Dictionary or the N-A 27 Greek-English NT
makes for a very compact 1-volume Greek tool.

> Part 2:
> Free offer, allowed by the Powers That Be in B-GREEK: we run Stylus
> Publications, which prints Greek and Hebrew study tools. We give out
> samples to teachers of the languages - and I interpret that VERY
> so don't hold back :)  We publish updated versions of the old Chapman
> NT Insert, plus his laminated card with Greek verbs, etc; two cards
> Hebrew verbs (including the Davis one, which we've reprinted); plus a
> Insert for Hebrew by Fred Putnam, PhD Dropsie in biblical Hebrew.

> Our new address: Stylus Publishing, 107 E. Ridley Avenue, Ridley Park,
> 19078; 610-532-0661; email for samples: ttorbett at; for talking
> me about our products: gshogren at We may or may not be
> ETS in Orlando in Nov, so look for our table for freebies. The pretty
> there is my wife Karen.

"Eric S. and Karol-Ann Weiss"
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