The Church of Greece on the Internet

Stefanos Cunning stthstki at
Sat Oct 24 15:34:36 EDT 1998

As of October 1998, the Church of Greece now has a presence on the Internet.
Its address is   There are both English and Greek
versions available.  The Church of Greece also has an electronic library
site at, it contains text in its original
languages (Greek, English, French, German, etc).  Also there is a site
dedicated to the Jubilee, the celebration of 2000 years of Orthodox Church,
at And this site contains several writings in the
Hellenistic Greek Script.

The main site at, also has a Internet Press Office
which will be updated daily at for the Greek version
and at for the
English version.

It is of great importance that everyone be made aware of this imformation.


Stefanos R. Cunning

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