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Sat Oct 24 14:00:26 EDT 1998

META KAI in Acts 15:35 caused me to pause and ponder. It also caused a scribe
to pause and ponder because it appears as KAI META in Codex Bezae. I did a
little checking and found that META KAI also appears in Phil 4:3. These are
the only two cases of the pattern prep+KAI in the GNT if you are willing to
trust a search engine for this kind of information. 

I looked in the LXX for the pattern prep+KAI and found 15 examples, but no
META+KAI. The bulk of the LXX examples were OPISW or OPISQEN or EXOPISQEN plus

I am wondering if placing KAI (adverbial) between a preposition and its
substantive is a classical idiom which has fallen out of use in the NT period
or if it is a hebraism. Does anyone know the answer to this? 

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