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Gary S. Shogren gshogren at
Sat Oct 24 09:37:23 EDT 1998

Hi folks,

Part 1:
This is Gary Shogren, and I'm back with the group after a flurry of 
missionary deputation and moving from Pennsylvania to Costa Rica. I'm in 
language school to learn Spanish (quite an ego shock after being a prof), 
but having a ball. I'd recommend this to anyone - you don't have to go far 
to find countries with no PhD's in New Testament.

Part 2:
Free offer, allowed by the Powers That Be in B-GREEK: we run Stylus 
Publications, which prints Greek and Hebrew study tools. We give out freeb 
samples to teachers of the languages - and I interpret that VERY broadly, 
so don't hold back :)  We publish updated versions of the old Chapman Greek 
NT Insert, plus his laminated card with Greek verbs, etc; two cards with 
Hebrew verbs (including the Davis one, which we've reprinted); plus a new 
Insert for Hebrew by Fred Putnam, PhD Dropsie in biblical Hebrew.

Our new address: Stylus Publishing, 107 E. Ridley Avenue, Ridley Park, PA  
19078; 610-532-0661; email for samples: ttorbett at; for talking to 
me about our products: gshogren at We may or may not be at 
ETS in Orlando in Nov, so look for our table for freebies. The pretty lady 
there is my wife Karen.

Great to be back with the group! Gary Shogren

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