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>Since the Cowboys won the Super Bowl in '95 and were not serious
>contenders in '96, this is simply sarcasm about the disintegration--which
>was not utter until the current season--of their Championship team in a
>single season.

A slight change of subject here, but this is one of the problems I
have with Mounce/Wallace.  They are very readable, etc., but this
analogy only works in America, and only with that segment of the
population that cares about football.  While I am a fan of football, I
did not really recall which years the Cowboys won the Superbowl. The
analogy dates the text and locks it into the 1990's America.

I recall reading a similar analogy in the collection of essays, _Jesus
Under Fire_.  The essay by Bock uses the NBA playoffs as an analogy,
along with the title "Live, Jive, or Memorex" for an essay discussing
ipsissma vox, etc.

It's not that these are not good works of scholarship, in many
respects they are.  But they seems somewhat diminished by sports
anaolgies that are not applicable to a wide segment of the population
outside of the Dallas area!

Anyway, I feel better now that I have said it.  

Phillip J. Long
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