Conditionals (2d class)

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Thu Oct 22 11:46:00 EDT 1998

Without getting bogged down in the appropriate classification, I have a
query re. what if often called a 2d class condition (EI + ind., AN + 2dry
tense/indic.). Wallace's grammar (695 n.22) points out that there are no NT
exs. of 2d class conditions in which the speaker believes something to be
true, but assumes it to be false for purposes of argument. He implies that
this sort of statement either can or does exist outside the NT (either in
koine or classical Greek), especially in sarcastic contexts. Can anyone put
me on the track of such a use? A citation and/or source would be appreciated.

The theoretical example that he suggests to illus. this sort of use is: "If
the Dallas Cowboys had done better in 1995, they would have gone to the
Super Bowl in 1996." Unfortunately, my cognizance of such matters is too
limited to allow a clear conception of his illus.!

(I get the digest of b-greek, so a direct cc: to me in addition to a reply
to the list would be both appreciated and helpful in my study this afternoon.)


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