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> On 19 Oct 98 at 16:32, One of the McKays wrote:
> > G'day Paul. You haven't included John Wenham: Elements of Biblical
Greek. A
> > lot of us started with Wenham. It is simple and the vocabulary is based
on the
> > words which occur most frequently.
> This is probably the occasion for me to do one of those shameless bits of

> self-publicity for my little review of Wenham, reproduced on the web at:
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I too learned beginning Greek with Wenham and still refer to it often.  It
is excellent at getting one started at translating early.  For those of us
that do not speak real English, rather American English, Wenham does take
some getting used to as some of his wording is not commonly used here in
the states.  This minor adjustment however seems insignificant compared to
the benefits of this beginning grammar. 

Stephen Donahue

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