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I must agree with Craig.  I am self-taught and have used both printed
grammars and the Parsonj's program.  IMO books are much more useful.  I
have used Machen, Wenham, Dobson, Summers and Mounce.  I like Mounce,
especially since it is tied in to a series of other books (graded reader,
morphology text, intermediate grammar, vocabulary guide).  

Theodore "Ted" H. Mann
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On Wed, 21 Oct 1998 08:54:08 -0500 "Craig Rolinger"
<craigos at netexpress.net> writes:
> I have it and I would not recommend it. It is easier just to use a 
>beginning grammar than to try to use the CD. In my opinion the 
>interface is
>very awkward. If you don't remember to change your screen resolution 
>to what
>their program uses, then it doesn't read properly. I have a Pentium 
>and it
>still is slow to operate. It is almost impossible to print out pages, 
>I would consider a necessity) unless you own a "print-screen program." 
>must be afraid you'll print out a text book and sell it. Parsons 
>seem to be interested in posting patches or improving the program. I 
>consider it a shareware level (not to demean all shareware) program 
>ready for the commercial market. But it is $49.95 and cheap is cheap. 
>is all my opinion, of course, as an owner and one time user of the 
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