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> Perhaps James Ernest can talk Hendriksen into doing a reprint of
> Tiscnendorf's
> 8th ed with the large critical apparatus. There would probably *not*
> be a
> brisk sale of this book judging by the lack of interest in textual
> criticism
> which seems apparent among many students of the NT. 
We're interested, or at least possibly interestable, in principle.
Just getting aholt of a copy to evaluate the feasibility of
photo-offset is a  challenge; one tends to put off the tasks
involving recourse to ILL when in the middle of one's pre-
SBL/AAR mania.  As Clay notes, the sales potential isn't that
hot, but if we cd achieve an acceptable print quality and do 
an affordable reprint without taking too big a bath it would
probably generate warm fuzzy feelings amongst our clientele.
Anybody who wants to loan me a clean copy is welcome to
write off-list.

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