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>      Hi People,
>      I have been lurking for three or four weeks now and I have tried to pay
>attention to the posts but, for the life of me, I don't remember what book the
>above initials represent. I also am very curious as to why the publication of
>this book is so anticipated by so many. As a rank beginner I am starting to
>feel a strong sense of anticipation myself even though I'm not sure why:). I
>would like to say that I have learned a lot just lurking for a fairly short
>time and I feel lucky that the Little Greek homepage led me here.
>      Take Care,
>       John Avellar

BAGD = Bauer/Arndt/Gingrich/Danker, _A Greek-English Lexicon of the NT and
Other Early Christian Literature. This has been through several editions;
the one we're referring to is the second English edition based upon the 5th
German edition. We're waiting for Fred Danker's latest revision which will
have numerous updates on particular words and corrections of errors (e.g.
the older edition's note on Junia the "apostle", which was based on Bauer's
original German note, is, Fred Danker tells us, "corrected"in the latest
edition to recognize that there really is no underlying possible masculine
form "Junias" that would solve the problems of Romans 16:7.

Another common abbreviation: BDF = Blass/Debrunner/Funk, _A Greek Grammar
of the NT and Other Early Christian Literature_: this is Funk's English
version of the classic German NT Greek grammar. BAGD and BDF are
authoritative works that tower over mere textbooks--which doesn't mean that
they can't be wrong, but that they represent what at the time of their
composition was more or less the composition of the centuries of NT

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