Heb 4:7 & Psa 95:7-8

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Tue Oct 20 13:34:34 EDT 1998

At 12:20 PM -0500 10/20/98, Paul S. Dixon wrote:
>The author of Hebrews quotes quite a bit from the LXX.
>Heb 4:7, according to the UBS and the NA texts, is a
>quote from Psalm 95:7-8.  Yet, Rahlf's LXX has it at
>Psalm 94:7-8.  I assume this is not a typo, since both
>NT Greek texts have the same reference.
>What gives?

The numbering is often different from one version to the next; I believe
that it often differs even between the Masoretic Text and the LXX. It's a
matter, isn't it, of where one draws the lines between chapters, psalms,
etc., etc.

There are similar problems in classical texts, most notably in the text of
the Roman love poet Propertius, for whom editions were put out in the 19th
century with 3, 4 and 5 books of the same poems and different divisions
between the poems themselves. What's worse, one major recent critical
edition (by G.P. Goold) has rearranged the text in such a way that a
couplet or two from any one poem (acc. to the MSS) may have been relocated
in almost any other poem, it would seem arbitrarily, although Goold assures
us of his reasons for the relocation--they are always plausible, even if
not necessarily convincing.

So important are ends and beginnings. But T.S. Eliot: "In my end is my
beginning, ..."

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