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Tue Oct 20 12:45:05 EDT 1998

All the fuss over waiting for the new BAGD reminded me that Eerdmans gave
April of this year as a release date for Gregory Beale's magnum opus on
Revelation and it still is not out yet. My local library has had several
copies on order since March. In March Eisnbrauns was taking advanced orders
for this book. 

The book that will show up long after Godot has arrived is a major critical
edition of the NT. I think Edward Hobbs predicted that it would probably be
finished some time about the middle of the next millennium. And in the mean
time one cannot even find a reprint of Tischendorf. Sigh. . .

Perhaps James Ernest can talk Hendriksen into doing a reprint of Tiscnendorf's
8th ed with the large critical apparatus. There would probably *not* be a
brisk sale of this book judging by the lack of interest in textual criticism
which seems apparent among many students of the NT. 
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