Philippians 3:14

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(1) Forgive my grammatical lack of expertise, but could you further elaborate on the difference between the partitive and the limiting genitive?
In my view there are two other problems in this verse.
(2) In what sense should we understand KLHSIS?  In most theological reading it seems to be discussed almost as a technical term.  The lexicons do not agree. The choices seem to be (a) understanding it in a salvific sense; (b) understanding it in an eschatological sense.(c) ???
(3) Should the phrase KATA SKOPON be "towards the mark" with the cultural referent being the various games of the Greek world or "in accordance with the model, form" with a reference back to Phil. 2:7.

Carl W. Conrad wrote:

> At 7:17 AM -0500 10/19/98, John M. Sweigart wrote:
> >List-members;
> >I have been looking at this verse with surrounding context lately and
> >have been wondering if the phrase EPI KLHSEWS ANW defines the "prize"
> >that Paul is pursuing.
> >I am aware of the textual problem with the preposition. If the
> >prepositional phrase does not define the "prize" then what are the other
> >grammatical options for the phrase?
> The text: KATA SKOPON DIWKW EIS TO BRABEION THS ANW KLHSEWS TOU QEOU EN CRISTWi IHSOU. (i.e., ANW is sandwiched between the article and KLHSEWS, so that there can be no question, at least, about the reference of ANW).
> My own inclination would be to understand THS ANW KLHSEWS as partitive and understand the sense of the whole (most literally as) "On the course of the upward calling of God in Christ Jesus I press goalward toward the prize." On the other hand, I don't really see any impediment to understanding THS ANW KLHSEWS as an adnominal limiting genitive. Seems to me that there are a number of ways of construing these elements but that they all yield the same fundamental sense.
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