Can somebody help a cyber-moron?

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Mon Oct 19 07:06:36 EDT 1998

At 10:37 PM -0500 10/18/98, Ed Gorham wrote:
>The cyber-moron in question is me. I want to download a Greek font or fonts
>(probably an SBL font and/or Mounce - other suggestions are welcome).
>Problem is, anywhere I've gone to look for step-by-step instructions for
>downloading and installing that include how to access and use the font once
>successfully installed, I've been met with computer lingo or "readme" files
>that assume I have a some clue about what I'm doing. Clearly, I don't.
>If someone would have the time and patience to "draw some pictures" for me,
>I'd very much appreciate it. On or off list, as you choose.

In the first place, go to Jonathan Robie's web site entitled something like
"The Little Greek's Guide to Greek Fonts":

Jonathan lists fonts available and where and then shows how they look and
even adds something about the encoding and how it affects they way they'll
look on a web site. He doesn't tell you how to install them and use them,
but that will differ depending on the operating system you use. For a
Macintosh, at least, that's very simple: simply drag the font suitcase into
your Fonts folder within the System folder; once it's in, you can see the
keyboard layout by using the KeyCaps program in your Apple Menu. Presumably
it's not much more complicated than that to install and use the font in
Windows, and somebody else can explain that.

Good luck.

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