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I'm new to the list, so pls. excuse me if this question has been
asked before.

I'm trying to learn NT Greek on my own, and would like to solicit
advice as to what books would be useful from your own experience.
Feel free to suggest other works that you value.


psue99 at

Greek Texts
- Synopsis of the Four Gospels
- UBS4
- [NA27]
- Hodges/Farstad, "The Greek NT According to the Majority Text"
- Septuaginta
- Hatch & Redpath, "A Concordance to the Septuagint"

W. Mounce, D. Wallace, D. Black, R. Young, G. Stevens,
J. Brooks/C. Winbery, E.V.N. Goetchius (?) {any others??}

Robertson, BDF, Dana/Mantey, Chamberlain, MHT, Guthrie & Duvall,
K. McKay, S. Porter [Verbal Aspect], B. Fanning, J. Greenlee,
E. Burton, Brooks & Winbery [Morphology], C.F. Moule [Idioms],
S. Porter [Idioms], 

Barr, J., "Semantics of Biblical Language"
Beekman, J & J. Callow, "The Semantic Structure of Written Communication"
D. Black, "Lingusitics for Students of NT Greek"
D. Black, "Lingusitics & NT Interpretation"
P. Cotterell & M. Turner, "Linguistics & Biblical Interpretation"
J. Louw, "Semantics of NT Greek"
M. Silva, "Biblical Words & Their Meaning"

- Computer Concordance to NA26 and UBS3
- Kohlenberger, J. et al., "The Exhaustive Concordance to the Greek NT"
- Moulton, W., A. Geden, & H. Moulton, "A Concordance to the Greek NT"
- Balz & Schneider, "Exegetical Dictionary  of the NT"
- Kittel, G. (ed.), "TDNT"
- Brown, C., "NIDNTT"
- Louw & Nida, "Greek-English Lexicon of the NT Based on Semantic Domains"
- Metzger, B., "Lexical Aids for Students of NT Greek"
- Moulton & Milligan, "Vocabulary of the Greek NT"
- Thayer's Lexicon
- Rogers, C., "The New Linguistic & Exegetical Key to the Greek NT"
- Zerwick, M., "A Grammatical Analysis of the Greek NT"
- D.A. Carson, "Exegetical Fallacies"
- W. Mueller, "Grammatical Aids for Students of NT Greek"
- Windham, N., "NT Greek for Preachers & Teachers"
- D.A. Black, "Using NT Greek in Ministry"

Textual Criticism
- Metzger
- H. Greenlee
- D.A. Black
- K. & B. Aland

- Greek FlashPro
- Greek Tutor

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