Greek (or Hebrew) primers for kids

mark sutherland msutherland at
Sun Oct 18 17:53:36 EDT 1998

>Does anyone know if there is anything out there that is geared towards
>helping kids learn Biblical Greek (or Hebrew).  Any suggestions about
>teaching Greek to kids?
>David Miller
>---David: I am teaching my fourteen year old son Greek. He took beginning
greek last year, and is with me in our advanced class this year. My church
runs a theology school, and we put heavy emphasis on greek. He is doing
well, and can sight read some of the material we are translating in Romans.
The beginning class uses Summers, or actually now it's Sawyer I guess. In
the advanced class we do translation, with a lot of syntax. We don't use a
textbook per se, but a work by Perschbacher called New Testament Greek
Syntax is really good for syntax. 
As you might expect, my son is sometimes reluctant to study, but what's
new?  If you would like any further info, let me know.

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