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> << Where is the hUMIN in Eph. 4:6 please?
>  Really, I'm not very astute, just tell me.
>  Gilbert Rice
>  San Diego >>
> In the text used in Barry's Interlinear it is the last word in the verse.

Thank you for identifying the place where hUMIN is found in Eph. 4:6.

I seldom look at Berry"s Interlinear because the text itself is I believe
generally thought to be either the, or very close to the Textus Receptus.
It is thought the TR is from no earlier than the 14th or 15th century.

That word is lacking, according to the ABS Textual Commentary, in what are
considered the 5 oldest authorities.

I looked it up in a Greek Testament printed 1918 apparently in Greece (the
whole frontispiece is in Greek, which I scarcely can read), and instead of
its first letter,  upsilon, it has eta. Regarding that, acknowledging the
TR and other texts have hUMIN, the Textual Commentary shows that some have
hEMIN. It adds, "Both readings are explanatory glosses, introduced in order
to establish a personel reference of PASIN to the Christians." In the ABS
Greek Text itself, no note is made of the variables. That action (or rather
the absence of any note) is their practice of concluding that its text is
deemed valid. 

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